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Analysis and Prospect of functio
The fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in printing and dyeing industry, it is mainly the role is to improve the dye color in the fabric on the wet treatment fastness with additives. The formation of insoluble material and improve the color o
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Dongguan Kefeng Textile Auxiliary Industrial Co,.Ltd

Dongguan Kefeng Textile Auxiliary Industrial Co,.Ltd, is located in Economy High-tech Bridge Industrial Park, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in China. During several years experience, we are a model in textile auxiliary industry now.

Aiming at “creating high concentration auxiliary technology, establishing our own brand “GDKF”, a environmentally products”. We invested heavily in the establishment of a fully equipped R & D department, hired a senior expert to enjoy the State Council allowance as a technical adviser to the company, as well as a number of additives industry experts. Also providing the quality of our product. We carried out a wide range of technical cooperation and technical exchanges with famous universities in Hunan Province, has developed and produced a series of green, environmentally friendly textile auxiliaries products, belongs to all kinds of textile printing and dyeing factory, wash water, etc, also help textile industry to improve product quality, reduce the cost of the preferred products.

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Kefeng's highly skilled employees will surpass my expectations every time when I contact them. They’ll always be there when I need to place an order, track a package, check the status of an open order, or request a price quote.
Ordering Simple, Payment Conveni
Placing an order is very quick and convenient on the Kefeng website. And their payment has many methods that could meet our needs. Their customer services process order quickly and delivery products in time. We have received the products time is exceed ou
High Quality, Good Service, Best
This is my third time to buy Pretreatment at Kefeng Company. Their customer service is very kind. They are prompt reply and patience. Their products quality is the top of Pretreatment in China. I bought Pretreatmentfor many years in China, but i think the
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